LMS Counselor

Mr. Ron Stewart and Ms. Diana Underwood do many jobs at Lexington Middle School and wear several different hats.  We are responsible for meeting new students and their parents and together we register them for Lexington Middle School by gathering as much information as we can to help us come up with the proper schedule.  All new students are given a MAP test for reading placement and a Saxon math placement test.  I do the scheduling for Eighth grade, ELL, Alternative Ed, and Life Skills.  Mr. Stewart does the scheduling for sixth and seventh grades.

Both Mr. Stewart and I are in the cafeteria from 10:45 until 12:55.  So parents it is hard to reach us during this time.

Both Mr. Stewart and I have been teaching activity classes for sixth, seventh and eighth grades in the afternoon.

I team with the National team, the Liberty team, the Patriot team, and the Freedom team.  Mr. Stewart teams with the American, Stars, and Stripes.

We meet with students on an individual or group basis.

Feel free to call the school at 324-2349 to talk to either of us.


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